Portable Power Solutions for Medical Devices

Portable Power Solutions for Medical Devices

Batteries for Medical Devices
Batteries for Medical Devices

For custom battery power, medical device applications are the definitive test for dependability, reliability and performance. Why? Failing is not a viable option when it comes to human life. That’s why major medical original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide trust Electric Fuel Battery Corp.

Our engineers are veterans of the battery industry, providing expert product consultation. And with EFB’s ability to design, develop and test batteries and chargers for an array of medical device applications, we are the right choice as a partner for your organization. EFB takes great care in choosing the right cell for the application, and configuring battery packs for rechargeable and non-rechargeable power solutions using a variety of chemistries.

Our custom batteries and chargers can be designed for many medical devices used today:

Infusion Pumps • LVAD’s • Oxygen Concentrators • Wound & Bone Healing • Patient Monitoring • Handheld Surgical Tools • Portable Nebulizers • Ultrasound Devices • Multi-parameter Monitors • Critical Care Monitors • Endoscopes Ventilators • Powered Surgical Instruments • Defibrillators (AEDs) • Diagnostic Tools • Portable X-ray & Imaging Solutions • CPAP and BiPAP Machines •
Pulse Oximetry Devices

Our power solutions are designed for portable products used by doctors and patients alike,
as well as in critical medical settings including:

Surgical Suites • Emergency Rooms • Hospitals
To suppress the ever rising costs of health care, portable medical devices are being prescribed more and more. Globally, the medical device market is expected to reach $400 billion by 2018 as more patients are served remotely with these convenient and manageable devices.

While portability and reduction in size make medical electronics more practical, the true measure of effectiveness and regulatory approval is contingent on safety, quality and reliability. Performance failures may mean the loss of a patient or the deterioration of their health.

Working with EFB ensures that you are working with a partner that understands what’s at stake.
EFB – The Source For Power.

EFB specializes in the design and manufacturing of high power batteries and chargers for various applications.
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